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I am not Tiger Woods’ gay male lover

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What is the tabloid count up to now, eleven? Man. How did it ever come to this? I never expected, when I first heard about the car accident in front of his own home, that the story would metastasize into something so far reaching, so portentous. The accident. The fight with the wife. The women coming forward. First one, then several, then almost a dozen. He did it in his own house. He paid one of them for sex. The text messages. The attempts to get her name off her voice mail. The mother-in-law being taken to the emergency room. A life once known for its extreme commitment to privacy now splayed open like the abdomen of a frog in a freshman biology class.

In the PR world, people often talk about the importance of “getting in front” of a story. Simply speaking, this means addressing a story that is potentially damaging before it gets out, admitting wrongdoing of one’s own accord before being forced to by the media, allowing you to put your own spin on a story before it gets spun against you. It means taking the initiative, and it means no small amount of bravery.
With that in mind, I want to address a few issues you’ll probably be hearing about in the upcoming days, weeks or months.
First off: I am not Tiger Woods’ gay male lover. I want to make that clear from the get-go. Any reports to the contrary are merely speculations without a shred of evidence, and salacious flights of fancy. Tiger and I did NOT go on a “lover’s retreat” to Cabo on June 16, 2008. I understand we were both there at the same time, I for a conference on the pharmaceutical industry and Tiger for some other reason I’m sure I don’t know about. That is strictly a coincidence and we did not even know each other at the time.
Any so-called “emails” or “text messages” or “steamy gay sexts” are taken out of context in the worst possible way. True, Tiger and I did meet at a golf tournament in South Carolina in the fall of last year. Yes, we ran into each other at the romantic “Chez Nuit” seafood and crabshack. Yes, I dined on oysters and I’ve been told he got the surf-n-turf. We struck up a golfing friendship, that is all. Any mention of “Carrying his bag” or “teeing up his balls ;)” are much more innocent than they sound when taken out of a golfing context. Furthermore, any messages Tiger may or may not have sent to me pleading with me to “play his back 9” or “use that enormous three wood with its nice head and beautiful shaft” are similarly innocent. I did not “sink” my “ball” into his “hole”, he was congratulating me on a spectacular putt. Similarly, all our comments about having a foursome with Sergio Garcia and Adam Lambert refer strictly to golf.
I hope that is settled, and I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to address these ridiculous rumors before they got out of hand.

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