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Gunfire, a car chase, and other stuff I just made up

I feel bad I don’t have more stories of derring-do and international intrigue. To make up for it, I offer you this episode. Let’s pretend it actually happened:

The tires of the Land Rover skidded on the loose gravel and Vikram jerked the wheel hard to the left, narrowly avoiding most of hte bullets, but still presenting enough of a target that two pierced holes in the hatch.
“Next time,” he said through gritted teeth, “get us a car with something more than aluminum for its body.”
“Hey, you try hotwiring a late model car sometime. Just be glad it’s not a Toyota”
Vikram slammed his foot on the accelerator again, jerking me back into my seat.
“Either there, Vicky,” I said, but behind us the pickup truck full of bearded gunmen was still gaining.
“Stop. Calling. Me that,” he growled. “And do you want to drive?”
“Yeah, that’d be great.” I reached for the wheel.
“Get off!” VIcky shoved my hands away. “I swear if we ever get back to civilization I’m going to kill you nine kinds of dead.”
“Sounds peachy. Any bright ideas on how to keep us alive in the meantime?”
“No. We threatened a pretty lucrative livelihood when we rescued those girls before they could smuggle them across the Bulgarian border. Nothing short of hell is going to get them to stop chasing us.”
“Of course!” I snapped my fingers. “Keep weaving, Vicky, and start heading toward Cappadocia when you get a chance, I got a friend there.”
“Bullshit you got a friend there!”
But I was too busy scrolling through names on my cell phone. Fortunately, ‘Alex’ comes up early. My heart leapt when I heard him pickup.
“Alex baby, Vagabond here. How’s things?”
Vicky shot me an incredulous look as the sound of automatic fire opened up behind us. I did my best to ignore both.
“Good things, brother. How’s by you?”
“Can’t complain.” Another bullet shattered the window nearest to me, sending a shard of glass into my shoulder. I prayed it hadn’t hit a major artery. “Listen, are you still tight with those Cappadocian horsemen you were always talking about?”
“Thick as thieves. Why?”
“Think you can get them to meet us in Nicomedia with some heavy artillery? We could use backup.”
“I’ll have to see. It’s a little short notice for a Saturday night for those guys. Where should they meet you?”
“Just tell them to head toward the sound of gunfire. We should be easy to spot. Hey, you feel like taking on a human smuggling operation in Turkey?”
“Do I ever!”
“Great. Fly into Ankara. If we’re still alive, we’ll give you a call in two days. Cheerio.”
I put the phone down and looked at my shoulder. “Vick, you got a field dressing on you?”
“Kinda busy keeping us alive right now.”
“Great, keep doing that.”
“Conversation sounded like it went well.” I thought I heard the sound of grudging admiration in his voice. It must have been the blood loss.
“Yeah, with only one flaw. We actually have to stay alive until then.” As I tear a piece of my shirt off with my teeth, I pause to consider that, if it hadn’t been for an entirely innocuous bar fight in Prague, I never would have met Vicky and gotten involved in this business in the first place…

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