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Mycenae pictures

I wanted to add a few more photos of Mycenae. I don’t know that I quite managed to capture the magnificence of the place in my last post. Maybe it’s impossible to do in words. In any event, I’ve got a few more shots I’d like to include:

The Acropolis

The Acropolis

 This is just a shot from the parking lot, but it gives some sense of just how freaking high up the citadel was, what command it gave the Mycenaeans of the surrounding countryside.

Shaft Grave

Shaft Grave

Above is a shaft grave just within the outer wall of the citadel. Culturally, the Mycenaeans would have had their inhumations outside the city walls, and this one originally was. But at some point, they decided to expand the city with an outer wall, which brought the shaft into the city proper. At that point, the shaft ceased to be a functioning tomb, and new shafts were built outside the newly extended city.

Sculpture based on forensic recontruction

Sculpture based on forensic reconstruction

This face is based on one of the bodies found in one of the shaft graves, and is on display at the site’s museum. Although there is a degree of guesswork inherent on a fully fleshed out sculpture that’s based on a skull, there’s something striking about the way his eyes stare out at us from across the millenia.

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