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The most interesting man in the world

If you haven’t seen this ad campaign yet:

It is my great pleasure to announce that I have, in fact, met the most interesting man in the world, here in Pylos.

Meet Chris:Chris

Born somewhere in Canada to Austrian parents, Chris grew up in the middle ground between here and there, living in both countries, living in neither. He told me this morning that he began life as a photographer. A photographer is, at essence, a searcher, an explorer, yearning for that perfect image, that ephemeral moment, to capture the uncapturable.

He found even this most exploratory career as ultimately unsatifying. For a time, he worked in a morgue, photographing corpses. But this pedestrian employment, documenting the deceased, could only hold him for so long. He would move to acting and advertising for several years, both essentially whorish hobs, hawking the unreal and imaginary, selling dreams. For several years, he became a paramedic, drawn again I presume to death, to the worlds in between, to injury, to the spaces in between living and non-living.

It wasn’t until he was thirty that Chris began to pursue archaeology. Ever an explore, drawn to the past, to the dead, to the liminal places, those borderlands between the known and the unknown. Chris has done what I now seek to do, live the life I hope to live. Trained paramedic, geographer, actor, archaeologist, race car driver, and man of a thousand charms, Chris, may we learn from your example.

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