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Go Red Wings: 4:30am edition

It’s  four thirty here in Pilos, and I’m the only mouse stirring in Hotel Karalis, listening to the Red Wings play the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals. Because yeah, I’m that guy. Surprisingly, I’ve met two or three other Red Wing fans in the group, and only one of them is Canadian. They both promised to man up and listen to the game with me over the internet-cast, but unsurprisingly I’m the only one here.

Mmm, I smell the bacon cooking for breakfast…

Where was I?

Oh yes, hockey. The Red Wings tie the game at one goal apiece and go on the power play. I woop with delight just as the internet connection conks out on me. The hotel we’re staying at has promised us free wi-fi. They promised us lots of things, like having a refrigerator in our room and hot water, both of which turn out to be not so much the case. The internet seems only to be accessible in 15 minute increments, and often only from unusual locations, like while sitting on your toilet.

Today, we begin our first dig. A wake up call is supposed to get us out of bed at 6:30am, at which point we’ll stumble blearily into a bus that will take us north, about eight kilometers over more winding switchbacks and mountain roads to our excavation site. I’ve gotten about five hours of sleep so far, and debate the merits of walking down to the city square with my laptop in the hope that the bakery’s hotspot will still be active at four in the monring.  How much sleep do I really need to swing a pickaxe effectively? I mean, without inadvertantly destroying a three thousand year old Mycenean vase that just *might* be the key piece of evidence for someone’s Ph. D thesis.

Realizing I’m unlikely to get any more of the game tonight, I stumble back up to bed to try and catch another hour and a half of sleep (which I fail to do). But three hours later, I’ll learn the Wings have gone up two games to one.

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