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It is accomplished

Just finished my final archaeology exam, from what I remember of it. I think I blacked out under the strain of regurgitating that much info in two hours. Seriously, what the hell is my name?

On the other hand, I may never forget that the Parthenon was built by three guys named Phidias, Iktinos and Kallikrates from 447-438 BC, is primarily of the Doric order but with Ionian highlights, and uses optical refinements known as entasis to combat an optical illusion that would have made it appear to sag under its own weight without it. More useless information I plan to put on my resume.

I have a houseguest staying with me for the last few days in my apartment. She’s a former roommate who left to travel in South America for two and a half years. Originally, it was just supposed to be a three month tour. Be cautious when you set foot outside your door, Frodo. You take one step, then another, and before you know it you’ve been living in a rather unpleasant hostel in Mordor for eight months with Orc-like roommates and teaching Common as a Second Language to Wood Elves.

Or something like that.

Now that the exam is done, I can finally get on to the really exciting activities like alerting my credit card company I’m going to be travelling and cancelling my many utilities. “What? No, I don’t want to transfer my DSL service to my new address. No. Greece. No, I don’t think Verizon has service there. Please stop.”

Also, Chase offered me the rather ludicrous exchange rate of 1.46 Euros to the Dollar. I’ll be waiting for the Eurozone economies to collapse before making any more withdrawals. Come on, Berlusconni!

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